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DR Congo Lake Kivu

DR Congo Lake Kivu


Tasting Notes

Red Apple, Lemon, Cherry

Our Congo Lake Kivu is another unique African coffee with plenty of curious flavours going on. This coffee presents a nice fruity acidity with apple and lemon up front and nice cherry ripeness, also some table sugar and caramel sweetness back it up to keep the balance.

Co-operative & Social Premium Information*


SOPACDI’s aims have always been to bridge ethnic groups and to produce the highest quality coffee possible. The coop has more than 5,200 farmer members, speaking a variety of languages, including Kirundi, Kihavu, Kinyarwanda, Swahili and French. Over 20% of the members are women.

International Ordering 

If you wish to purchase this, but live outside of New Zealand - send us an email and we'll sort you out.

*Fair trade social premiums are a percentage of revenue paid by the buyer that is earmarked for social projects within the community of the co-op. 

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