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Colombia Popayan

Colombia Popayan


Tasting Notes

Red Apple, Tropical, Raw Sugar

This washed coffee has a lovely upfront red apple sweetness with tropical overtones, matched with a raw sugar sweetness to form a rich complex coffee. The body of this coffee is clean, silky and full while still maintaining a pleasant apple acidity. This is a crowd pleaser coffee. 

Co-operative & Social Premium Information*


CENCOIC's primary focus has been on protecting indigenous Colombians from political violence, protecting their rights, and providing them with the means to collectively work to increase their incomes.

International Ordering 

If you wish to purchase this, but live outside of New Zealand - send us an email and we'll sort you out.

*Fair trade social premiums are a percentage of revenue paid by the buyer that is earmarked for social projects within the community of the co-op. 

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