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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


Tasting Notes 

Red Apple, Earl Grey Tea, Floral

This Yirgacheffe is all about florals and subtle aromas, it has a lovely silky body with Earl Grey tea like characteristics of bergamot and black tea without the bitter tannins. The up front flavours are red apple with a light touch of red berry sweetness.

Cooperative & Social Premium Information*


NIGELE GORBITU is a co-op affiliated with the OCFCU that benefits from the latter's many social premium initiatives. Recently this coop have invested in their community; building a school that serves well over 300 students, as well as a medical facility.

International Ordering

If you wish to purchase this, but live outside of New Zealand - send us an email and we'll sort you out.

*Fair trade social premiums are a percentage of revenue paid by the buyer that is earmarked for social projects within the community of the co-op. 

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