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Peru Honey

Peru Honey


Tasting Notes 

Hazelnut, Mango, Honey Pokey

This Peruvian coffee has some typical flavours of cocoa and hazelnut backed up with a good body, but also some fruitiness created from the Honey processing giving mango and hokey pokey subtleties.

Cooperative & Social Premium Information*


COOPCHEBI are passionate about preserving their environment through organic farming. From the selection of good seed crops, reforesting and maintaining very old trees, down to controlling weeds manually, they work tirelessly to keep environmental biodiversity in balance.

International Ordering

If you wish to purchase this, but live outside of New Zealand - send us an email and we'll sort you out.

*Fair trade social premiums are a percentage of revenue paid by the buyer that is earmarked for social projects within the community of the co-op. 

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